Road to Success with SHAKLEE

Road to Success with SHAKLEE
Road to Success with SHAKLEE

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My 'virtual fren'..=) i got one more fren in my life..
maybe juz a 'virtual fren' hahaha..
we contact via FB..
whoaaa..da power of FB..can extend our network!!hikhik~
he was in my fren list since a year..october 2010!!
but now baru i realize kewujudan dia..haha...
sblom ni tersalah org..ingtkan dia tu kwn skolah dlu2..
rupa2 nya org laen...hakhak..
he's such a nice guy..i think! =)
comfortable to communicate wif him..but only 'writing n typing'..haha..
wanna know his name??hoho..cannot cannot!!
for sure i wil neva mention his name here!!
its my Secretoo!!!hehe..
if he visit n view my blog...then he would know who is my 'virtual fren'..hakhak!
chill beb!!


  1. she/he is anonymous :)

  2. hahahha...yeah sure!!
    i love da way she/he is.., huh??!!!hehehee~

  3. hekhekhek..who's dat person dear?

  4. to my pretty one!!!~naj~
    hehehe...i cant tell u dear...
    someone who is anonymous laa ...ahaks!!